3 Reasons to Shop Small!! Small Painting Sale

3 Reasons to Shop Small!! Small Painting Sale

Martin House Gallery has you covered for gifts this year! Small sized paintings are on sale now. We have a variety of artwork to choose from ranging from 4"x6" to 24" x 24". Reach out via email.

Here are 3 reasons why smaller may be better!


You ensure that your recipient has space for their gift. If you were to gift someone an  elephant, they might not have space for that in their home. Similarly, some paintings are just too big, unless you know someone is looking for those specific dimensions. It is generally best to gift a smaller piece as it is more likely to find a spot in someone's home. 

2. Save on gift wrap!

and in our case, save extra this season on small sized paintings in general! They will also be easier to fit under someone's tree, in a stocking, or in Santa's sleigh. Ho! Ho! Ho!

3. Little is cute.

Think of the adorable factor of a little painting. So much detail and magic in a tiny, heartfelt piece! Your loved one is bound to love it!!

It's not a diamond, but it still shines! Check out a few of our paintings now :)

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