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About Bryan Koontz

Bryan Koontz, a native of Asheville, NC, has an inherent appreciation for the beautiful scenic mountains and their rich, historic culture. Being drawn to the arts and creative work from his youth, he decided to pursue a career using his artistic skills. He attended Appalachian State University in Boone, NC, studying in the art department, and graduated with a BS degree in Commercial Design. He then worked in the printing and graphic design industry for many years, which in turn, led to freelance graphic design, illustration, and fine art commissions. In this capacity, he has worked on numerous graphic design projects, private commissions, and commercial illustrations, including historical and children’s book illustrations.
Currently, he works out of his studio, Shepherd’s Mountain, as a full-time fine artist, illustrator, and graphic designer. Koontz works in many different media, including graphite, charcoal, pen & ink, watercolor, and oils. He uses time-tested traditional methods and archival materials to produce works of art that will endure and be cherished for many generations.

He says of his work: “No matter the subject I am painting or drawing, whether it is a landscape, still life, or portrait, I strive to make an object of beauty and quality. My intent as an artist is that my work may evoke a positive emotional response in the viewer. As they look at my paintings, and drawings, I hope it will cause them to stop and linger and hopefully impart to them a sense of joy, peace, solace, and comfort. I want my art to convey to the viewer that spark of inspiration I received when I gazed upon a certain place, scene, or person’s image. An inspiration that compelled me to produce a creative work that hopefully has a glimmer of those divine virtues of Truth, Beauty, and Goodness, for which we all hunger; with the primary and ultimate goal and intent of enhancing their life experience and imparting hope and peace.”