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About Larry Horowitz

Larry Horowitz is an artist who focuses on capturing sensory details as he has mentioned many times before as he is “sensitive” to this; something as simple as the weather switching from fall to the harsh winter, he finds captivating. In his words: “My approach is immediate and spontaneous; a glimpse into a moment in time”. Horowitz encourages those to come in and feel out what they are feeling when entering the room to characterize the scene for themselves. 

As he was born and raised in New York City he finds that most of his work helps to capture the beauties of Northeastern United States to Canada. Soon after graduating from SUNY Purchase, he won the prestigious apprentice position to Wolf Kahn. His work shows all across the United States as well as Canada and he has even been a participant in Art-In-Embassies program in the United States Embassies in Finland and Russia. His works also can be shown from many corporations and private collectors. As he paints en plein air he has an enriched understanding of expressionism.