Collection: Ljubica Podhraški Blanuša

About Artist

About Ljubica Podhraški Blanuša

Ljubica was always interested in art of every form but never had the opportunity to develop her talent in painting. After moving to Zagreb, the capital of Croatia, she missed the countryside so much that she bought herself her first canvas, brushes and few oil paints, and started painting the landscapes which were deeply rooted in her memory. It was as if she were creating her own personal windows of places that filled her soul with beauty and her body with calm and peaceful energy. She has been painting ever since, as painting has become her biggest passion in life. Ljubica finds inspiration in nature and ever-changing light, frequently in the form of trees, clouds, or waves. It is her dream to dedicate her life to creating beautiful paintings, by not only capturing scenes in nature, but also by taking the emotions of gratitude and admiration she gathers throughout life and transferring them onto canvas, in order to share it with the world.