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About Vera Oxley

β€œThe imaging is extraordinarily real, the brush strokes lush. Her canvasses are full of joy and grace. The combination of brush and palette strokes are unique, in that while the brush strokes are barely visible, the knife is wildly expressive.” These are the words of an art critic describing the works of Vera Oxley, Impressionist painter.

Born after WWII near Hong Kong, the daughter of an American G.I and a Eurasian mother, Oxley combined work in the factories with her work with the brush. Her drawings were soon praised by local dealers, and she was taken as a student by a local master from whom she learned the mysteries of Oriental watercolors. Her first exhibition took place in Macao where she received recognition from the judges. Her subsequent exhibitions were most successful. She continually sold out at each exhibition, with her paintings being acquired by tourists from all over the world.

When she is not traveling for learning or photo tours, she lives and paints in her small studio in Northern California. It is a place full of light – and this is softly reflected in her paintings. Her intense dedication to her art is visible in the strokes of each of her magnificent Impressionist creations.