Kevin Beck Winter Walk Painting

Art for Holiday Gifts

Art is the perfect gift, provided you take into consideration your recipient. Think of these 4 pieces of information for the best holiday gift for your loved one (or you!)

1. Size Matters, folks!

Buying art as a gift can be a lovely gesture, but if you are choosing a piece that won't fit in someone's space, then it might end up in their closet. Have you recently seen an opening on the wall in your loved one's living room or bedroom? Great! Try to fill that space. We have some unique pieces that range in size. Have an extra large space to fill? I absolutely love Kevin Beck's piece "Solace" and Larry Horowitz's piece "Kitchen Garden." These will become focal points of a room and are BIG! If you are looking for something a little smaller, we have smaller works of art that transfix the eye. Tanvi Pathare, Tommy Mitchell, and Lindsay Carroll are a few artists with small works that are large in style.

Larry Horowitz "Kitchen Garden"

Tommy Mitchell "Flaming Azalea"

2. Choose the right frame

Artwork can be diminished with the wrong framing. At Martin House Gallery, many of our pieces are already framed in a manner that compliments the art. We also have pieces that are not framed yet, and may not even need a frame. Standalone pieces such as Ljubica Podhraški Blanuša's works do not necessarily warrant a frame, but it's 100% up to you. Hillary Scott's work on the other hand are elegantly highlighted with a frame.


Hillary Scott

3. Capture their style!

We have paintings that are more colorful and surreal, and paintings that are more realistic. What would work best for your loved one? Do you want the painting to look like a photograph or more dreamy? Consider the furniture that they have already. If it is modern and chic, what painting do you think would compliment that? Think about the colors of their home (or your home) and imagine the colors in the painting alongside. Does it align? If yes, then you are in the clear!



4. Choose the right subject.

A nude painting might be right for your lover, but not your brother. Clouds might belong in a baby's nursery, while the mountain landscape in the living room fits just right. Be picky about what you're choosing. There is a lot of symbolism in art. You want the message to come across that this is a gift for your specific loved one.

Lori McNee

Patrick McGannon

5. Bonus tip! Talk to us! 

P.S. We are well connected with our artists. Supporting Martin House Gallery supports our artists. Rather than buying art from a big box store, you are actively supporting your local art community. Another perk of our connection is commissioned pieces. Like a specific artist's style, but don't see exactly what you are dreaming up? We can connect you with the artist to have them create a masterpiece just for you. Just ask us!

Chris Bell


We're having a holiday sale going on  now until  the end of the year. Reach out to us if you see anything in particular. We would love to help you find the perfect piece for you or your loved ones.

Good luck in your gift buying adventures.


Martin  House Gallery

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